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ELITE Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Specialists

Foundation Repair Services

Under Pinning

  • Add strength and integrity to your foundation
  • Ideal for new construction or comprehensive property renovations

Crack Repair

  • Cracks around your foundation can be a sign of much larger issues!
  • Let us repair the structural integrity of your compromised foundation

Footer Replacement

  • Prevent your home from shifting or settling to prevent larger repairs in the future

Lally Columns & Lally Jacks

  • Support your home from the ground up!

Bowed Walls

  • Are you seeing horizontal cracks in your basement walls?
  • Dry-At-Last can determine what is causing these cracks, and help you protect your foundation for decades to come

Stairs/Step Cracks

  • Of all the foundation cracks you can see in your home, the Stair/Step Cracks are the most dangerous!
  • Call us today if you are seeing this type of crack spreading on your basement walls

Carbon Fibre Straps

  • 11 Times Stronger than Steel!
  • This is a state of the art solution for bowed basement walls and other structural damage